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Tourism Calgary Case Study



The Challenge

At a time when national and international perceptions of Calgary were weak. We were viewed as a“One-horse town” with a “Lack of culture and the arts”. “A difficult city to attract diversified businesses and talent”.


Tourism Calgary set big goals for 2020:

•Grow tourism revenue to $2.1 billion

•Grow international visitation from 10K to 85K

The Work

For Calgary to be re-imagined in the minds of consumers, travelers, and businesses, Tourism Calgary knew that collaboration would be key to success. A partnership was forged with Calgary Economic Development to develop a common strategy and a common voice to bring to the market through a coordinated message system, industry and non-industry buy-in program, and comprehensive adoption strategy. 

The Approach

The work of refreshing Calgary’s brand included:

  • Extensive civic partner collaboration

  • Long-term sustainability strategy

  • Sourcing funding opportunities

  • Agreement on brand enhancement, evolution, investment, and distribution plans

  • Internal and external communications and marketing plans

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